Jacquline S. Uhler

Illustrator | Designer


Hi, I'm Jackie!

I am a graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania majoring in Communication Design and concentrating in illustration and interactive design. 

As you’ll see in my portfolio, I created icon images and illustrations for both gaming and art streamers who stream on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Working with other professional designers I created a tri-fold flyer for a local company pro-bono during an 18-hour design event. I love working with people to help them create their personal brands and create deliverables that they can use every day. 
During my time at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania I worked on projects that people can interact with and use every day. In some of these projects, I have worked with programming languages such as JavaScript to create a memorable experience. Although I may not need to use these languages in my day-to-day tasks, I crave the knowledge of how these processes work. Taking the time to know the specifics about the development beyond the design helps me be a better designer. I would like to continue to explore different aspects of design and illustration in order to always be up to date in my field. 

I am currently exploring jobs in graphic design and illustration both in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Austin, Texas.
I am excited about the possibility and willing to relocate. You can reach me at any time at heythere@jacqulinesuhler.design.

This is how I make an illustration!