Jacquline S. Uhler

Illustrator | Designer


Chick Pops Cereal

Penelopea is a fun loving down-to-Earth farming fairy, who makes Chick Pops cereal for all her friends. Chick Pops are a healthy, organic cereal made from chickpeas. This puff princess uses her magic to make the Chick Pops taste amazing while still being healthy and nutritious. To create this character I used Adobe Illustrator and a digital drawing tablet.

After the initial project where I designed the cereal character, I created a box design and further branding for the cereal. Although this is a fun, kid friendly cereal brand, the main focus is eating healthy foods and supporting the environment.

Early Development

Penelopea went through many revisions and color experiments before her final version. Later I added more small details such as freckles and more realistic body proportions. These changes better reflect a farming fairy with a healthy diet.

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