Jacquline S. Uhler

Illustrator | Designer


Dream Zine

Zines are short, self-published works that a single person or small group produces and distributes themselves. They are able to be printed in a home-owned printer and they are usually reproduced using a copy machine. This zine is about several dreams or nightmares I have had. Before illustrating this zine I kept a written dream journal that I referenced for this project. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and a digital drawing tablet.

Many of the dreams were largely unedited from my dream journal. I did not want to take away from my initial thoughts and feelings. I tried to clean up any typos or largely confusing phrases, but I did leave a lot of the run-on sentences and missing punctuations because I feel that it helps give the viewer a better sense of what it was like having these dreams and nightmares.

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