Charity Coffee Album Cover


Charity Coffee Album Cover

This project was one of my favorites because we worked with both music and charity events to create a deliverable piece. I created an album with songs about or relating to coffee for a charity event hosted by Starbucks. Coffee for a Cure is a figurative event based off of a charity that raises money for cancer patients and their families. For this project I experimented with painting with coffee and using grounds to create imagery. I also used Adobe Photoshop to create the mock up and mix the different elements and typography.

Chick Pops Cereal

Penelopea is a fun loving down-to-Earth farming fairy, who makes Chick Pops cereal for all her friends. Chick Pops are a healthy, organic cereal made from chickpeas. This puff princess uses her magic to make the Chick Pops taste amazing while still being healthy and nutritious. To create this character I used Adobe Illustrator and a digital drawing tablet.

Dream Zine

Zines are short, self-published works that a single person or small group produces and distributes themselves. They are able to be printed in a home-owned printer and they are usually reproduced using a copy machine. This zine is about several dreams or nightmares I have had. Before illustrating this zine I kept a written dream journal that I referenced for this project. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and a digital drawing tablet.

Many of the dreams were largely unedited from my dream journal. I did not want to take away from my initial thoughts and feelings. I tried to clean up any typos or largely confusing phrases, but I did leave a lot of the run-on sentences and missing punctuations because I feel that it helps give the viewer a better sense of what it was like having these dreams and nightmares.

Life Drawing

Drawing from observation is a basic skill every artist needs. For this drawing I used both black and white charcoal on a brown paper to create a higher contrast. Later I used Photoshop to clean up some smudges on the edge of the paper.

Interior Life Drawing

In this class we were focusing on the human form, but we were also looking at composition. Even though the figure is almost hidden in the composition there is a clear representation of the human form in a natural environment. For this piece I used black charcoal.

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Wallflower Book Design

This was a personal project of mine where I created a book cover for a teen reader. I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create the designs and the mock up. When Adobe Illustrator released the freeform gradient tool I loved it and tried to incorporate the intricate gradients in my works.

Illustrated Childrens Book

Children’s books are usually very colorful and show imagery that is more fun. I wanted to create a children’s book with a limited dark color palette with imagery that is darker, but not quite scary. All illustrations are created digitally with a digital drawing tablet. I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop, and Adobe InDesign to create this completed work. The story comes from a Welsh fairy tale.

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